Friday, March 20, 2009

The Pirates And Us

I think the pirates shoud have their own reality shows, “The Pirate Bachelor”, “Pirate or Golddigger?”, “Survivor: Pirates at Sea”, and “For the love of Pegleg”. They also need their own networks, “PNN: Pirates News Network” or “Foxy Pirate News: fair and balanced”, so they no longer have to be a victim of biased reporting. And I am outraged, outraged that Bill O’Reilly has not given equal time to the current superstars of the sea, oh the ones that are still living. Those darned SEALS, being all good at their jobs and everything, there goes the pirates’ self esteem. Again.

When I go to work today, I am going to ask why pirates are not a larger part of our diversity effort. With this clear oversight I am left to wonder, will our program every be truly successful? We have aimed too low, something the SEALS did not.

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