Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ALL you libs that have your noses up Obama's behind, need to step back, and breath some fresh air…..and put down the kool-aid. Those of you that are able to read and differentiate..need to study something besides Obama-laced websites. And just take a look at those Obama sites, they are full of Socialist ideas and Bush bashing cartoons to no end.
Obama himself admits it in his own writings, his wife's writings back it up, as well as the multitude of unscrupulous supporters that have funneled and laundered money throughout his campaign. If you truly care about your future, and the future of your children, or this country…you'll step back, and evaluate Obama's ideas and proposals and see that they are nothing short of poison for the economy of this country. Bush ran up the tab, but kept us safe. Obama's stepping on the gas and running up the debt exponentially, apologizing to our enemies, and taking away your rights….all simultaneously. Open your eyes, shut your mouths, and read for yourselves…it's not a Republican v. Democratic issue, it's the livelihood of the nation, a free nation, that's at stake…Obama only cares about power and control…and once you give it to him, it's too late…he's on his own agenda to create a state where he can do, and take whatever he pleases from whomever; and soon he'll turn on his very supporters….to feed the need.
And don't tell me for one second to give this CREEP a chance! A chance to do what? He' has already just about given the country away and bankrupt us. And you are asking me to give him a chance to further destroy us?
How often did democrats support Bush's policies? He was president right? Did the Libs EVER give him a chance or even a break? No, never. What kind of Socialism do you prefer? Germany's, France's, Russia's, the Netherlands, Sweden's, Canada's are any of them any good? Not in my eyes. It's so obvious Obama is a socialist. I just don't understand why people don't want to see it! His plan it to Tax thr Rich and Screw the Poor.
Yes, Change' in the air alright, I can smell it wherever I go. We've seen it fail in Eastern Europe few years ago and now he's bringing it here?
Obama said Republicans can't just "listen to Rush Limbaugh" and get things done. And then he truns around and he suggested his administration would talk to the moderate elements of the Taliban — as in the terrorists masquerading as a government. Regardless of whether this is a good idea, we have a president who is now willing to sit down with violent extremists under the guise of "getting things done." Hummmm!
We DON'T NEED THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLING OUR LIVES. You left wing idiot nut jobs. I am just waiting for 2010 I know you are all going to be tossed out on your stupid asses.

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