Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Tea Parties

The Tea Protests are true grass roots… The Republican Party can play a role-or- become obsolete. It’s their choice. When there is no difference between a big Govt-Big Spending Democrat or Big Govt-Big sending Republican-America votes for the Democrats… That should have been a BIG -DUH-! moment in some Republican circles…but they seem to not understand…

America does not need an elite-anything- to tell us what to think, what to say or how to vote… we all know when Nov 5, 2010 comes…and we are wondering -IF- there will be new choices or the same old faces… If it’s the same old faces-then we’ll have some new ones in 2012


  1. The Tea Party movement is only going to get bigger and bigger. REAL Change is to be expected in 2010.

    Nice blog, and thanks for following!

  2. Nice points here betweent the two big gov parties, keep up the blog!

  3. eVENTS organized by conservative millionaires and the conservative media elite are considered grass roots? Interesting. I get it, its kind of like calling the Estate Tax the Death Tax. Just a quick play on words to confuse people.